Visit the My Account section of the website.  Here you’ll see your current contact details.  You can update these by clicking the ‘Update’ button for the relevant section.

You can also upgrade your membership level directly from the My Account section on the website.  The Account Details box will show your current membership level, and allow you to upgrade to the next level.

If you want to jump levels, or downgrade your package just go to the Packages page and choose the one you want by clicking the appropriate ‘Join Now’ button.

Our system will automatically calculate how many days you have left on your current membership level, and discount that from your new level.

Within your My Account page you’ll be able to see extra packages you’ve purchased under the ‘Order History’ section.  If you have access to a video, webinar or other resource through your package, you’ll also see a link in the ‘My Packages’ section.

You should also have links to each package on the main menu, under “My Packages”

If you’ve bought a package and can’t see it here, email us at

Our Village Hall Meeting is a virtual take on the real thing.  Members meet in a chat room between 7pm and 9pm every Tuesday and get the chance to discuss issues of importance to them.

All silver, gold and platinum members can access the village hall at

Our private facebook group is like a forum but is secure from prying eyes.  Only our silver, gold and platinum members can access this.

You can request access here:

You can get our seal here.

This page also explains how to add this to your website.