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Our blog posts are bursting with useful information, advice, updates and articles to really make you think.  All members have full access to blog posts.  Our Silver, Gold and VIP Members get priority access to new blogs posts and articles.  This can be as much as 7 days before free members.


With lots of fresh ideas and interesting views, our videos are available to all members and will have something of value to any bookkeeper.  Any member can access these.

Bookkeepers Alliance Badge

Get our unique members badge to proudly display on your website or stationery to show that you are committed to your continued professional improvement.  Available for Silver, Gold and VIP Members.

Membership Certificate

Silver, Gold and VIP Members get a membership certificate, a great addition to your office wall whether you’re employed, self employed or still studying.  Show others that you believe in making the bookkeeping profession better for all.

Directory Listing

Win new clients by making sure that your practice is easily found by being part of the members directory  A listing is included as part of the silver package, with a premium listing for Gold and VIP members.

Facebook Group

A private Facebook group is available to our Silver, Gold and VIP members.  A safe environment to get access to the answers you need quickly with our responsive, and more important, hidden Facebook group.  Ask the questions you need without fear of anyone outside the membership seeing them.

Share Resources

Don’t reinvent the wheel. We offer an easy way to share resources with your peers or obtaining templates and documents for your use.  No more emailing dozens of people a copy of your latest form. Silver, Gold and VIP Members can just add resources to the site and simply download with ease.

 Online ‘Village Hall’ Meeting

Your peer group meeting with the easiest of access. We’d all like to get along to the local bookkeepers meeting, but it isn’t always easy with family commitments or travel arrangements.  With our online meetings, Silver, Gold and VIP Members can chat the night away, sharing experiences, ideas and best practice.

Event Lisiting

Discover some great bookkeeping events in your area and have the opportunity to list your own.


Webinar MasterClasses

Monthly MasterClasses will cover the topics most asked for by bookkeepers including marketing support, pricing and time management.  While Gold and VIP Members get free access, Silver Members benefit from 50% off the price.  Free members can join us for £10 per session.

 Premium Resources

While all members can share resources, our Gold and VIP Members will get free access to some of our best premium templates, documents and resources, including our ebooks and more.

One 2 One Mentoring

VIP members can take advantage of a free mentoring session for one topic of up to 30 minutes per month. An optional upgrade for 1:1 mentoring is available for all members.


Member Benefits

Our partners have been carefully selected based on the previous experience of our team in order to save you time and money trying to find a trusted supplier at the right price. All Silver, Gold & VIP members have access to a range of products or services that have been hand-picked as trusted providers to the profession. The benefits available include help lines for VAT, Tax, Business Rescue and HR.

Job Listings

Gold and VIP Members will have access to our database of job adverts, and the ability

Group Mentoring

All Gold and VIP members get access to fortnightly group mentoring sessions to get the support they need to move their business forward.

And More

We continue to add new features all the time, as we listen, develop and deliver the needs of our members.  We welcome feedback from all our members on the things you’d love to see.