I Can’t Find Clients

Does this sound like you?

  • I set my business up ages ago and still haven’t found my first client.
  • I feel I have to take whoever comes along just to earn something.
  • I know I’m good at what I do, but I cant seem to get a chance to show it.

You might have tried everything from facebook, cards in shops and even offering your services for free, but nothing really seems to work.  You’re at the end of the line and really starting to wonder if this is for you, but you’ve ploughed so much cash and energy in you don’t want to walk away.

If you’ve decided that enough is enough and are ready to try something different, sign up below for FREE 15 minute clarity session with me and we’ll do a full work up on your current marketing and offer you some suggestions and advice to really boost it.

“great ideas on how to target my marketing”

My mentoring session was just what I needed to give me hope again. I was able to gain some valuable insight into my website and great ideas on how to target my marketing. I am feeling much more positive about the future.