Online Courses

Bookkeepers Virtual Conference Videos

If you didn’t make it along to The Bookkeepers Virtual Conference 2018, you can access videos of all of the sessions

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Menu Pricing

Learn how to build your own pricing menu in this 6 module programme over one week.

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Marketing for Bookkeepers

Marketing isn’t a skill that normally comes easily to bookkeepers.  We’re more numbers people.  That said, if you want to build a successful business it’s something you need to get to grips with.  This course gives you lots of ideas and strategies to do just that.


Self Assessment

A 12 week course covering all the main topics of self assessment from employment to losses and capital gains tax.

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Pricing Options

Pricing is one of the most complicated issues that a bookkeeper will deal with.  Find out what your options are, and the single biggest mistake that bookkeepers make and how you can avoid it.


VT Transaction+ Training

VT Transaction+ is one of the best value, but often overlooked pieces of bookkeeping software of the market.  Join us as we walkthrough some of the features in this 15 module training session.


Become a Newsletter Ninja

Learn how a newsletter can boost your marketing and how to implement this in your business.


7 Steps to Grow Your Practice

7, easy to implement, steps to pull the levers needed to grow your business.  Walk through exactly what steps you need to take to achieve the business you desire.


1 Hour Focus Session

Maybe your just about to start your business, or you’ve been struggling with a challenge you’ve come across.  Our focus session may be just right for you.  Rather than buying into an ongoing mentoring programme, this gives you the chance to get some clarity on a specific issues, or set of issues as a one off.


All of our programmes have a full money back guarantee.  

For multiple session courses, just tell us before session 3 and we’ll give you all of your money back.