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Self Assessment is one of the most lucrative services a bookkeeper can offer their clients.  A simple self assessment can take under one hour, and be charged at upwards of £150.

Small businesses are often looking for a one stop shop in their bookkeepers.  In order to help you become more prepared for offering tax services we’ve been working hard to put together this modular training course.  We feel that this course will stand you in good stead for the future.

Some of the Topics Covered

Introduction to Tax

The tax system in the UK can be quite complex. We will introduce it in an easy to understand way.

Personal Allowance and Pensions

Every taxpayer has a personal allowance.  Many things can affect how much this is.  This module will examine these.

Employment Income

Maybe one of the most common things on tax returns, work out the tax from employment income, including benefits e.g. company cars.

Accounting Concepts & Badges of Trade

Important for accounting in general, but crucial for tax.  Understand the most important concepts. Income tax and capital gains tax are quite different.  How do we decide which category income falls into?  This module explains it all.

Calculating Taxable Profits

Understanding what expenses can be claimed for sole traders is important in determining their tax liability.  Learn these here.

Capital Allowances

The taxman doesn’t like depreciation.  Learn how to change this to capital allowances.


Many small businesses experience losses in the beginning years.  This module explains how we can deal with those.

Calculating Taxable Profits

Understanding what expenses can be claimed for sole traders is important in determining their tax liability.  Learn these here.

Deadlines and Penalties

Penalties have become big business for HMRC over the last few years.  Make sure you understand how these work.


Savings & Investments

Tax deducted at source for savings and dividend credits can be confusing, and even more so this year with some new rules.  Get up to scratch.


Basis Periods

Income from business needs to be accounted for in the right periods.  This module explains how to make sure that happens.


Property Income

As more people let properties, this page becomes more and more important.  Make sure you understand how to complete it.

Payments on Account

A challenging concept for a business owner to understand.  Make sure you’re clear on when tax needs to be paid.

Capital Gains Tax

Sometimes, selling an asset you’ve owned personally carries a tax liability.  We’ll explain how and when this happens


Here’s what our previous participants had to say

“Really good info” – Jackie Fisher

“Full of very useful stuff” – Kate Brown

“5 stars” – Arunas Zekonis

“Brilliant as always Kris” – Helen Thomson

“Very very interesting and useful” – Elaine Botfield


Access to weekly webinars to watch as many times as needed

Lots of worked examples

Questions for you to try

Email support during the course


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Got a Question?

Does this mean I can offer self assessments to clients?

That depends on your professional body, if you have one.  If you’re an ICB member, you will need to take the Self Assessment Exam.  It’s home based and this course will really set you up for everything practical on this exam.

If you’re an IAB member, there is no separate exam.  You can offer self assessments if you are confident and competent to do so.

If you’re with another body, please check with them directly.


How much time will this take?

Despite what HMRC would have you believe, tax actually is taxing.  This means that some of the concepts we’ll be talking about are difficult to get your head around initially.  You may need to watch the webinars a few times, and you’ll need to spend a bit of time on the example questions.  Like everything, you get out of it what you put in.  I would recommend that you set 3 hours a week aside for this course.

Unfortunately, this means it’s not for everyone.


What if it’s just not for me?

This is not for everyone.  It’s hard work, but the rewards are massive.  We offer a 2 week money back guarantee.  That means if you try this course and find it’s really not for you, you can get all your money back.  No risk!


Something else?

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