Week 1: It’s Starting


I’ve just started back today after Christmas and was really excited to see that my Money Laundering Supervision has come through.  Although I’m a member of IAB, I decided to get my supervision directly from HMRC.

I cheated a bit and applied for this before Christmas because I didn’t know what the wait would be.  I needn’t have worried.  My application went in on 5th December and I was approved by the 31st December.

My professional indemnity insurance is in place, and I’ve spent an hour this afternoon updating my letter of engagement.  Just over 2 hours of my 4 hours this week has vanished on admin tasks.

The great news is that I’ve decided on my niche.  Due to the limitations on my time, I’m going to dive right into an area I know well….Driving instructors.

This was a niche previously and I really enjoyed it.  I think I have enough knowledge that, even with the changes in technology since I was last in practice, I can put in place and easy to use system and add value.

I wanted to use a similar system to one I had before, and that I’ve shared loads here.  My biggest headache has come from a totally unexpected place, though.  I previously spent weeks investigating the best ring binders for my clients.  After loads of research I settled on an A5 Staples BETTER binder.  The problem…. Staples no longer do them so I’ll need to have a think about how I deliver the package effectively without them.

For the remainder of my time this week I plan to work on my website and facebook page.  It’ll be a basic site and be really targeted at my target market.