We could spend some time telling you how wonderful we think we are, but some of our member have done it for us.

I’m finding the website very informative. There seems to be something new everytime i log in. It’s easy to navigate and Kris is always quick to reply if I am having a problem.

I’m looking forward to a positive 2016 with the help of the bookkeepers alliance.

Thank you Kris and Mike

Sarah Harrington


I have just used the Bookkeepers Alliance VAT helpline for the first time. I am very impressed with the ease of use, the speed of response and the quality of the advice. Thank you – well worth my Silver Membership Fee all on its own!!

Alys Stuart


Highly recommend workshops run by Mike Foster & Kris McCulloch really help you focus on what you want from your business

Alison Edward


Great session today, thank you Kris. Really great advice and ideas to prepare for next months session. So helpful to talk through some changes I’m making, with someone who gets it…Invaluable.

Tracie Hemming


Had a fantastic session today, Kris is very comfortable to talk to and is full of ideas I hadn’t though of. Mentoring sessions are of value and I look forward to my next session.

Kim Kelly


My mentoring session was just what I needed to give me hope again. I was able to gain some valuable insight into my website and great ideas on how to target my marketing. I am feeling much more positive about the future.

Maggie Russell


Thank you – your support and probing questions really helped me solidify my thought process and also realise I am not too far off the mark. Thank you Kris

Kim Deere


Best value subscription i have each month. strongly recommend it to anyone.

Johann Goree