Where are the new clients hiding?


So you’ve started your practice, and now you need to fill it with some clients.  You’ve got a website, facebook page, twitter account and you’ve even been to some networking events.  You’re doing everything people say you should.  So why have you only had a couple of enquiries, and none of them have come off?

The problem is an age old one, and it’s not going away anytime soon.  It’s the same problem I made when I first started too.  Most bookkeepers make it.  What is it?

You’re thinking tactics and not strategy.

None of your marketing is strategic, so it becomes a massive pick and mix.  It speaks to everyone, and at the same time, no one.  It says how good you are, but nothing about what’s in it for your new cleints.  In short, you’re doing everything every other bookkeeper does, and everything but what you should be doing.

Here are my top 3 tips for getting new clients.

  1. Know who you want as a client

Sounds really simple, right?  Unless you know who you want (and don’t want) as a client, then how can you possibly know where to find them?  Your business ‘can’ help everyone, but can you afford to market to everyone?

Even massive companies know their ideal client and speak to them.  For Debenhams it’s “Claire”, who is 41, interested in fashion and likes to break up her frequent shops with a coffee or glass of fizz.

M&S have Mrs M&S, a 50-something year old female who shops in its stores around 18 times year and wants stylish “everyday essentials”.

If massive stores, with massive budgets realise that the don’t have the time, energy or money to market to everyone, should you?

  1. Design all your marketing to speak to your ideal clients

Lets kill the big myth here.  By speaking to your ideal client you’re not limiting your options, you’re becoming focused.  No one really wants to use a generalist, so become a specialist in your ideal clients.

By speaking directly to your ideal client you can begin to address their pain, problem and fear in your material.  You can answer that big question that everyone has when they are buying… “What’s in it for me?”

  1. Don’t assume people will know what to do

I see so many adverts that have really powerful headers, speak to their ideal client, explain the WIIFM and then stop.

Don’t assume that you reader, or viewers, or listeners will know what to do.  Tell them.  No matter how obvious you think it is.  Make sure you explicitly say what next action you expect the reader to do.

It could be a phone call.  This is a huge hurdle for many people so you need to give them a powerful reason to do it.  You could want them to visit your website and download a free guide in exchange for their email address.  This is less of a challenge for most people.

Whatever you need them to do, tell them.

By following these 3 simple tips you’ll find that your leads will not only grow, but become more predictable.  Marketing really doesn’t need to be a confusing black art.