Why most bookkeepers fail with their marketing


I speak to bookkeepers day in, day out. Their number one concern is finding the right type of clients. Actually, for many it’s finding any clients. Why? Their marketing is awful.

One day they’re putting an advert in the local paper, the next they’ve decided to put up postcards, then they’re off looking at Facebook ads. All of these are great when they are part of a strategic plan, but on their own the returns are dreadful, or non existent.

Getting new clients is not a problem that will be solved simply by throwing what little money you have at it. Quite often you’ll no even realise why it’s not working. Its the reason I hear things like “Facebook adverts are rubbish, I tried them.”

If you don’t have a clear goal, with a clear roadmap of how to get there, you never will. Here are my top tips to effective marketing.

Understand who you are trying to attract

When you know your ideal client, marketing to them is much easier. Are you using images and words that appeal to them? Are the colours right for that target market. If you’re ideal clients are men, then maybe pink adverts with pretty flowers are not the best way to attract them.

Be clear about your aim

If you’re trying to get people to buy your bookkeeping services from a standing start, you’re going to need to have really deep pockets. It’s often easier to have a series of small wins. Baby steps. Maybe your campaign is all about getting people on your email list. You can then build a relationship over time.

Don’t have adverts, have campaigns

Single adverts spread around make it difficult to attract new clients. Be very focused on your message and make that consistent across your various mediums. If you want people to download your guide, then make sure all of your adverts are saying the same.

Play to your strengths

No one is great at everything. Maybe social media isn’t a strong point. Perhaps you find it difficult to write compelling text or headlines. If there are parts of your marketing you’re not great at then outsource. Get people who compliment you and provide the marketing services you find more difficult.

Measure measure measure

Look at what parts of your system are working and what parts are not. If one part is giving a bit less of a return than other parts can you tweak it? Make sure that any money you are spending is giving you the best possible return. Don’t be afraid to change things and test again. No one gets it right first time.

Successful marketing is not about having adverts here and there. It’s about having a joined up and strategic approach to getting new clients using a system that works for you.